Wymoo on Background Checks and Jacksonville Jobs

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Wymoo International has sent out a report discussing background checks and Jacksonville jobs.

Wymoo International, a U.S.-based background check and private investigation company, reported today that activity for global background checks at the firm is up sharply compared to 2009 levels.

Cases for international background checks have risen over 25% YTD, and management cites high levels of internet scams and fraud as partly fueling the growth. The increase has also been driven by a global rise in international business and personal relationships, especially those begun via the internet.

Fraud levels continue to rise in both developed and developing nations, and consumers and businesses are increasingly aware of the risk and are seeking ways to minimize it. Online dating, social networking sites, foreign hiring, and international business proposals are especially prone to fraud and scam operations. The risk in international relationships is greater than ever, and more clients are relying on Wymoo