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Are human resource jobs in Jacksonville growing?

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

A recent survey from Careerbuilder demonstrates that human resource jobs in Jacksonville may be growing.

The study looks at jobs that are projected to grow over the next five years, present good learning opportunities and, for the most part, don’t require a college degree.

Examples of jobs with excellent growth include:

Computer User Support Specialist – helpdesk-type roles get exposure to evolving technologies and training for higher skill IT positions

Human Resource Specialist – working with not only HR, but all functions, allows for a varied skillset which can be applied across the business

Administrative Assistant – organizational and multi-tasking skills are core to this role, which serves as the support system for a team with insider knowledge on a wide range of projects and businesses

Customer Service Representatives – provides a great way to become an expert on the company’s products while building problem-solving and communication skills

Medical Assistant – provides exposure to both clinical and non-clinical learning opportunities that can open the door to other positions in the industry

Retail Salesperson – sales can be one of the most lucrative occupations, and starting in retail is a good way to build confidence, hone people skills and master the art of persuasion


Did the flu season hurt Jacksonville jobs?

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

A new report from Challenger, Gray & Christmas shows that the flu season may have impacted Jacksonville jobs, among other locations.’

After the most recent flu update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), during which officials stated the flu season has yet to peak and activity is as high as in 2009, global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. revised its estimate on the cost of lost productivity to employers due to the flu to over $21 billion.

“The flu season is still going strong and workers continue to fall ill. One potential driver of the spread of the flu could be the open office trend that so many companies implemented in the last decade,” said Andrew Challenger, Vice President of global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Employers, especially those with open offices and shared workspaces, should treat these spaces and other common areas as gyms treat exercise equipment. This includes daily cleanings of all surfaces with disinfectant. Employers should also keep soap and hand sanitizer in plentiful supply.

“Encourage any employees who have been sick to wipe down or clean their briefcases, wallets, phones and/or phone cases, or bags that they bring with them to the office on a daily basis. Basically, do whatever you can to remove germs that could spread this virus,” said Challenger.

Productivity Loss Estimates:

Updated Estimate (2/14/2018)
25,000,000 estimated workers sickened
$26.74 – average hourly wage (preliminary data for January 2018 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics)
$855.68 – average wages lost due to missing four eight-hour shifts
Estimated Losses: $21.39B

Updated Estimate (2/2/2018)
18,100,827-24,641,000 estimated workers sickened
$26.63 – average hourly wage
$852.16 – average wages lost due to missing four eight-hour shifts
Estimated Losses: $15.4B-$20.9B