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Jacksonville healthcare jobs created

Monday, February 27th, 2017

The expansion of one company is creating more Jacksonville healthcare jobs.

Formativ Health will be bringing 500 new jobs to Jacksonville, according to a press release.

Formative Health will be leasing a 65,000 sq. ft. office space for a new Patient Access Services Center.

Formative is part of Northwell Health which is New York State’s largest health care provider.

“No one can deny the momentum that is building in Jacksonville, especially in the health and life science sector,” said Mayor Lenny Curry. “As a company that supports the medical community by making their operations more efficient and productive, Formativ Health will enhance Jacksonville’s presence in this all-important sector of our economy.”

The building will be four floors and located in the office complex at 4875 Belford Rd.  Staff training will begin in April of 2017, however the building will be finished by mid-2018.

“Improving the patient experience is a top priority for all physician practices,” said Formativ CEO Dennis Dowling. “Recognizing that the focus on customer service goes far beyond clinical care, we want to ensure a seamless encounter when patients first call us to make an appointment. The creation of Formativ, an integrated physician management services organization, strengthens that commitment, and we know Jacksonville offers an extraordinary labor force that will enable us to meet our patients’ expectations.”

Once the facility is running, it will serve 1,200 Northwell physicians.

Jacksonville retail jobs cut?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

New reports from Challenger, Gray & Christmas show that Jacksonville retail jobs may have been cut.

The new year started with an increase in corporate downsizing, as the nation’s employers announced plans to cut payrolls by 45,934 in January, according to the latest report on monthly job cuts.

January job-cut announcements were up 37 percent from December 2016, when planned layoffs totaled 33,627.

While last month’s tally was the highest since last April (64,141), it was 39 percent lower than January 2016, when employers announced plans to eliminate 75,114 jobs from their ranks.

January job cuts in 2016 were dominated by the energy and retail sectors. This year, planned cuts were concentrated in just retail, which continues to reel from the shift toward online shopping.

The top four job cuts announced during the month occurred in the retail sector, with Macy’s leading the pack by reporting plans to close 68 stores and decrease its headcount by 10,000 workers.

In all, retailers announced 22,491 planned layoffs in January, accounting for 49 percent of all job cuts recorded during the month. The January total is virtually unchanged from the previous January, when retailers announced 22,246 job cuts to start 2016.

“A January surge in retail layoffs has become the standard. Most retailers ramp up hiring in the final three months of the year to handle the holiday rush. However, as consumers increasingly go online to shop, retailers are not only dismissing temporary seasonal workers, but also increasingly closing stores and laying off permanent staff,” said Challenger.

Meanwhile, the energy sector, which announced 20,103 job cuts in January 2016, reported just 1,853 planned layoffs to kick off 2017.

Are public relations specialist jobs in Jacksonville in high demand?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

A new survey from Careerbuilder highlights how public relations specialist jobs in Jacksonville are in high demand.

CareerBuilder and Emsi compiled a list of the top 10 creative jobs the labor market needs based on current number of jobs, wages (an average of at least $45K) and growth from 2011 to 2016.


The following are 10 creative occupations where workers will find a larger number of opportunities.

  • Graphic designers: There is a high demand for graphic designers these days. There are currently 287,000 graphic designers in the U.S., and they’ve added 21,000 new jobs since 2011. They earn about $37K-$57K/year.
  • Public relations specialists: These specialists love working with people (the media) and words (writing material to pitch to the media) to help grow their company. There are 237,000 public relations specialists in the U.S., with 21,000 new jobs since 2011. They earn approximately $43K-$79/year.
  • Producers and directors: Producers are responsible for the big plan of getting the movie made while directors execute actual creative decisions. With 11,000 new producer and director jobs since 2011 (123,000 total in 2016), America sure loves the folks who make good movies. Typically, producers and directors earn $49K-$103K/year.
  • Interior designers: Do you have an eye for turning rooms from ducklings into swans? Interior designers are in charge of colors, lighting, furniture and the like. There are 93,000 interior designers in the U.S. (9,700 new since 2011), and they earn about $38K-$56K/year.
  • Interpreters and translators: Heads up if you speak more than one language: You are in high demand. Since 2011 the U.S. has added 13,000 jobs in interpreting (spoken word) and translation (written word), making a total of 78,000 today. You would earn about $35K-$55K/year.
  • Art directors: People who love both art and the responsibility of leading a team would make good art directors. Directors manage other artists in creating everything from magazines to movie productions. There are 57,000 art directors in the U.S. (5,000 new since 2011) and they earn about $54K-$89K/year.
  • Technical writers: Technical writers thrive on words and tight deadlines. They prepare instruction manuals, how-tos and blog articles. Right now there are 55,000 technical writer jobs in the U.S. (6,500 new since 2011), and they earn about $57K-$87K/year.
  • Multimedia artists and animators: These guys create animation and visual effects for movies, TV, video games, etc. There are 51,000 artists and animators in the U.S., adding 5,200 new since 2011, and they earn about $40K-$64K/year.
  • Commercial and industrial designers: Magicians who combine art, business and engineering — that’s these guys. They create new products based on what real people will actually buy. There are 43,000 commercial and industrial designers in the U.S. (4,300 new since 2011). Of all the designer types (graphic, interior), they earn the most at about $51K-$75K/year.
  • Film editors: Sometimes the director edits their own film, sometimes they don’t, and that’s when the film editor comes in. Editors are in charge of cutting all the footage and turning it into the movie you see on the screen. There are 36,000 film editors in the U.S. (4,800 new since 2011), and they earn about $46K-92K/year.