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Four generations working at Jacksonville jobs

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Multiple generations are now working together at Jacksonville jobs, and employers may need to rethink how their workplace policies in accordance, according to a survey.

According to Multi-Generational Survey of the Boomer, X, Y and Z generations, the evolving socio-economic factors of the last several decades have shaped each generation’s unique perceptions and expectations of the working world. Even the most essential workplace function, communication, is coming together across generations:

  • 84% of Boomers (aged 51-70) and 88% of Gen X (aged 35-50) rank email as their workplace communication medium of choice.
  • 51% of Gen Y (aged 20-34) and 66% of Gen Z (aged 15-20) believe that texting is an important tool in the workplace.
  • And 61% of Gen Z gravitate toward social media for workplace communications.

In some ways, technology is a common denominator among the generations: The majority of all groups (60% across generations) agree that digital tools are making them more productive in the workplace, but the similarities pretty much end there:

  • Roughly 75% of the digitally native Gen Z value laptops and smartphones in their workplace, in line with their desire for mobility on the job (49% vs. 43% across all generations).
  • 74% of Boomers and Gen X still rate desktop computers (74%) as valuable workplace technological tools, and 65% still view landlines this way

In the middle, using a combination of tools, is the transitional Gen Y, or Millennials, whose lives have been largely characterized by the continuous introduction of new technologies.

“As we help connect employers with great job candidates, we see a broad variety of preference for digital tools across generations,” said Seth Matheson, Director of Talent Fusion by Monster. “While this is not particularly surprising, the variance does shed tremendous light on how employers must approach best communicating with job seekers at different levels in their careers, and where they should be making workplace investments to ensure the most engagement and productivity across their multi-generational workforce.”

Jacksonville finance jobs grow

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

The newest labor numbers posit that Jacksonville finance jobs are climbing.

Employment rose by 156,000 in December, with an increase in health care and social assistance. Job growth totaled 2.2 million in 2016, less than the increase of 2.7 million in 2015.

Employment in health care rose by 43,000 in December, with most of the increase occurring in ambulatory health care services (+30,000) and hospitals (+11,000). Health care added an average of 35,000 jobs per month in 2016, roughly in line with the average monthly gain of 39,000 in 2015.

Social assistance added 20,000 jobs in December, reflecting job growth in individual and family services (+21,000). In 2016, social assistance added 92,000 jobs, down from an increase of 162,000 in 2015. Employment in food services and drinking places continued to trend up in December (+30,000).

This industry added 247,000 jobs in 2016, fewer than the 359,000 jobs gained in 2015. Employment also continued to trend up in transportation and warehousing in December (+15,000). Within the industry, employment expanded by 12,000 in couriers and messengers.

In 2016, transportation and warehousing added 62,000 jobs, down from a gain of 110,000 jobs in 2015. Employment in financial activities continued on an upward trend in December (+13,000). This is in line with the average monthly gains for the industry over the past 2 years.

In December, employment edged up in manufacturing (+17,000), with a gain of 15,000 in the durable goods component. However, since reaching a recent peak in January, manufacturing employment has declined by 63,000.

Employment in professional and business services was little changed in December (+15,000), following an increase of 65,000 in November. The industry added 522,000 jobs in 2016.

Employment in other major industries, including mining, construction, wholesale trade, retail trade, information, and government, changed little in December.

Jacksonville retail jobs may take a hit

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Many Macy’s stores are closing, and that means that Jacksonville retail jobs may take a hit.

The company said 68 Macy’s store closings (out of a current total of 730 Macy’s stores). Of the 68, three closed mid-year, 63 will be closed in early spring 2017 and two will be closed in mid-2017. Three other locations were sold, or are to be sold, and are being leased back. (A list of planned store closings, as well as store openings, is included at the end of this news release.) The company intends to opportunistically close approximately 30 additional stores over the next few years as leases or operating covenants expire or sale transactions are completed.

As a result of closing 63 Macy’s stores in early 2017, along with the three closed mid-year 2016, the company’s 2017 sales are expected to be negatively impacted by approximately $575 million. This reflects the company’s ability to retain sales at nearby stores and on through targeted marketing and merchandising efforts.

To address the need for greater efficiency and productivity, Macy’s, Inc. will implement the following changes in early 2017:

  • Restructuring its central organization with a focus on eliminating layers of management to reduce costs while improving decision making and agility.
  • Intensifying efforts to reduce non-payroll costs companywide by achieving lower pricing and reducing consumption to deliver sustainable savings.
  • Making changes to the way stores are operated and reducing field infrastructure given the reduced store sales and evolving customer behavior.