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Apprenticeship opportunities create Jacksonville jobs

Friday, December 30th, 2016

A final rule addresses apprenticeship opportunities that will affect Jacksonville jobs, among other locations.

The US Department of Labor issued a final rule that updates equal employment opportunity requirements.

The final rule amends existing requirements last updated in 1978 and extends current protections against discrimination to include disability, age (40 years or older), genetic information and sexual orientation. The rule’s provisions simplify the steps employers and sponsors must take to make compliance easier, ensure equal opportunity in apprenticeship and help businesses leverage the program’s benefits.

“The final rule issued today adjusts existing regulations to streamline and clarify requirements for employers wherever possible. It extends protections against discrimination in apprentice hiring, better defines steps needed to ensure equal opportunity and provides apprenticeship programs with additional time to develop initial affirmative action programs,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment and Training Portia Wu. “The department continues to look for ways to help states strengthen their workforce. This rule provides a more flexible framework for them, and creates more opportunities for workers and employers to take advantage of modern apprenticeships.”

Since 2014, an additional 125,000 American workers have jump-started their careers through registered apprenticeship, a time-tested and highly regarded learn-while-you-earn employment model. Today, there are now more than 500,000 apprentices nationwide. The progress comes after President Obama’s call to double and diversify the number of job-driven apprenticeships.

The final rule aligns with the $90 million funding strategy to grow and diversify apprenticeship announced in April 2016. It follows an unprecedented $175 million investment in apprenticeship announced in September 2015 by the administration, and includes partnership contracts that focus specifically on increasing access to apprenticeship opportunities for women, people of color and people with disabilities.

Job-driven apprenticeships are among the best pathways to provide American workers with the skills and knowledge they need to acquire good-paying jobs and grow the economy. Research shows 91 percent of those who complete their apprenticeship programs find employment with average wages above $60,000. The return on investment for employers is also impressive: International studies find that – for every dollar spent on apprenticeship – employers get an average of $1.47 back in increased productivity and greater front-line innovation.

Jacksonville jobs grow

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Job sector reports from Challenger, Gray, & Christmas shows that Jacksonville jobs may be growing.

November job cuts were 12 percent lower than the 30,740 cuts announced in October. They were down 13 percent from last November, when job cuts totaled 30,953.

Last month’s total was the lowest of the year, falling below the previous low of 30,157, recorded in May. It was slightly higher than last December’s 23,622 job cuts, which was the lowest monthly total since June, 2000, when employers announced just 17,241 planned layoffs.

To date, employers have announced 493,288 job cuts in 2016. That is 5.5 percent fewer than the 521,847 job cuts recorded by this point in 2015.

“Barring an unlikely December surge in downsizing, the year-end job cut total should remain well below the 598,510 layoffs announced last year. Even if the new administration creates some uncertainty among corporate forecasters, most employers are in a strong enough position and to take a wait-and-see approach when planning for next year,” said John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

The retail sector saw the heaviest job cutting in November, with 4,850 announced layoffs. Most of these resulted from the bankruptcy of American Apparel, which could impact nearly 3,500 workers.

The retail losses are more than offset by the surge in holiday hiring. In September, Challenger tracked retail hiring announcements totaling 317,000.

“These represent just a small fraction of the jobs being created, since most retailers, including the thousands of small, independent stores across the country, do not formally announce hiring intentions,” said Challenger.

Overall, retail job cuts are down 12 percent from a year ago. Through November, these employers have announced plans to shed 57,969 workers, compared to 65,609 job cuts recorded during the same period in 2015.

Sales jobs in Jacksonville grow

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

The number of sales jobs in Jacksonville has grown, according to a recent study of the hottest jobs done by Careerbuilder.

CareerBuilder compiled a list of the hottest jobs for 2017 based on three factors: 1) occupations that pay, on average, around $20 or more per hour 2) have grown faster than the overall labor market from 2012 to 2016 and 3) have a critical mass of jobs.

Occupation Category 2012 Jobs 2016 Jobs 2012-2016 Increase in Jobs Average Hourly Earnings Examples of In Demand Job Titles
Business and Financial Operations 7,358,038 7,938,303 585,265


$35.09 *Operations Manager

*Business Process Analyst

*Product Development Specialist

*Financial Analyst

*Office Manager

Information Technology 3,926,758 4,398,862 472,104


$40.82 *Data Scientist

*User Interface / Front End Developer

*Product Manager

*Mobile Software Engineer

*Information Security Manager

Health Care 8,035,052 8,641,939 606,887


$37.77 *Family Practitioner

*Medical Director

*ICU Nurse


*Physical Therapist

*Rehabilitation Nurse

Sales 15,143,749 16,057,815 914,066


$19.06 *Account Executive

*Account Manager

*Business Development Manager

*Client Services Coordinator

Skill Trades 12,049,958 13,067,497 1,017,539


$21.38 *Electrician


*HVAC Technician