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Jacksonville construction jobs created

Friday, April 8th, 2016

A new project will create Jacksonville construction jobs.

The final segment of Interstate 75 widening from the Florida-Georgia border to Southwest Florida will begin construction in 2018. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will provide more than $58 million in funding to widen Interstate 75 from four to six-lanes south of Jones Loop Road to US 17 in Charlotte County.

Senator Bill Galvano said, “As the Punta Gorda Airport continues to grow and add more flights and destinations, improvements like this I-75 widening are vital to ensuring that our residents and visitors begin and end their trips as safely and efficiently as possible.”

Senator Nancy Detert said, “Widening the Interstate to six lanes from Alligator Alley to the Florida-Georgia border is a major accomplishment for Florida and will continue to make us an even more attractive destination for our residents, visitors, and businesses.”

Representative Ken Roberson said, “As a resident of Charlotte County, I am excited that Governor Scott and FDOT will be widening this final portion of I-75 in Punta Gorda.  This is an important step forward in the continued growth of the area and will be a great benefit to our residents and visitors.”


Governor Scott said, “The Interstate 75 widening project will help ease traffic flow and keep families and visitors safe as they travel through our state. Florida is growing, and have reached a record 20 million residents and over 100 million tourists. That is why we have provided historic funding for the Department of Transportation for three consecutive years, and we will continue to make important investments in our world class transportation system so we can safely welcome even more families and job creators to our state.”

Are women earning less for Jacksonville jobs?

Friday, April 8th, 2016

A new study from Careerbuilder shows that women may be getting less than their male counterparts for Jacksonville jobs, among other locations.

more than half of workers (55 percent) do not believe men and women are paid equally for the same job, and a similar proportion (51 percent) do not feel men and women are given the same career advancement opportunities.

A significant number of employers agree with 20 percent of human resource managers admitting that women do not make the same wages as their male counterparts at their organizations.


Taking a closer look at pay comparisons, men were nearly three times as likely to report earning six figures and nearly twice as likely to earn $50,000 or more. Women were twice as likely to report earning less than $35,000.

Earn less than $35,000

  • Men – 23 percent
  • Women – 47 percent

Earn $50,000 or more

  • Men – 49 percent
  • Women – 25 percent

Earn $100,000 or more

  • Men – 14 percent
  • Women – 5 percent

Survey results confirm that women feel inequality to a greater extent than men — only 35 percent of women believe there’s equal pay (compared to 56 percent of men) and 39 percent of women say there are equal opportunities for advancement (compared to 60 percent of men).

Results also indicate that younger workers (men and women) believe they’re closer to parity. When asked if they believe men and women are on equal footing in the workplace:

  • 18-24: 61 percent said yes
  • 25-34: 50 percent said yes
  • 35-44: 40 percent said yes
  • 45-54: 46 percent said yes
  • 55+: 46 percent said yes