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Will funding help youth with Jacksonville jobs?

Friday, February 5th, 2016

A new round of grants is expected to go towards at-risk youth, which will possibly help those seeking Jacksonville jobs, among other locations.

The US Department of Labor announced up to $20 million in funding to support demonstration projects for youth in high-crime, high-poverty communities.

The grants intend to strengthen the alignment of partnerships under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to encourage partners to collaborate and expand their capacity to serve youth entering the workforce in their local community. The grants will require partnerships between Local Boards and local summer employment programs, employers, local education agencies, and re-engagement centers to expand summer into year-round employment and work experience programs for eligible youth.

This grant competition is part of a number of concrete actions and budget proposals announced by the White House today to help open doors for young Americans to start their careers. These steps build on President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, which is closing the opportunity gaps that too often strangle hope for young people of color, helping them rise above adversity and drawing out their unique gifts and talents.

They are also closely aligned with the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ efforts to help give young people their first meaningful work experience – outlined at the organization’s 84th Winter Meeting in January 2016, where Perez spoke about talent development and student access to careers.

The department is particularly interested in learning from these projects how best to serve in-school youth through innovative partnerships between the workforce system and school districts. In addition, the department is interested in learning how the workforce system, local education agencies and re-engagement centers can work more effectively reach out-of-school youth and assist them in obtaining summer into year-round employment.

Finally, the department is interested in learning how to best leverage local summer and year-round employment programs to support better program integration among those serving this population and improve performance outcomes in high-crime, high-poverty communities that offer limited economic mobility opportunities for youth.

Manufacturing jobs in Jacksonville climb

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

The number of manufacturing jobs in Jacksonville are climbing, according to recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Construction showed strong job growth for the third consecutive month, gaining 45,000 jobs in December. Job gains occurred among specialty trade contractors (+29,000) and in construction of buildings (+10,000).

Over the year, construction added 263,000 jobs, compared with a gain of 338,000 jobs in 2014. In December, health care employment rose by 39,000, with most of the increase occurring in ambulatory health care services (+23,000) and hospitals (+12,000).

Job growth in health care averaged 40,000 per month in 2015, compared with 26,000 per month in 2014.

Food services and drinking places added 37,000 jobs in December. In 2015, the industry added 357,000 jobs. Employment in transportation and warehousing rose by 23,000 in December, with a gain of 15,000 in couriers and messengers.

Within the information industry, motion pictures and sound recording added 15,000 jobs in December, offsetting a decline of 13,000 in the prior month. Employment in mining continued to decline in December (-8,000).

After adding 41,000 jobs in 2014, mining lost 129,000 jobs in 2015, with most of the loss in support activities for mining.

Manufacturing employment changed little in December, though its nondurable goods component added 14,000 jobs.

In 2015, manufacturing employment was little changed (+30,000), following strong growth in 2014 (+215,000).

Employment in other major industries, including wholesale trade, retail trade, financial activities, and government, changed little over the month.

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 292,000 in December. Employment rose in several industries, including professional and business services, construction, health care, and food services and drinking places. Mining employment continued to decline. In 2015, payroll employment growth totaled 2.7 million, compared with 3.1 million in 2014.

Employment in professional and business services increased by 73,000 in December, with temporary help services accounting for 34,000 of the gain. In 2015, professional and business services added 605,000 jobs, compared with a gain of 704,000 in 2014.