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Are grads prepared for Jacksonville IT jobs?

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Some employers are wondering if recent graduates are prepared for Jacksonville IT jobs, according to a a recent survey from Careerbuilder.

The study found that 57 percent of employers say they plan to hire new college graduates, up from 53 percent last year and up significantly from 44 percent in 2010.

Nearly one in four (24 percent) don’t feel academic institutions are adequately preparing students for positions needed within their organizations.

So why do some employers feel that college graduates are not up to task? The most common concerns include:

· Too much emphasis on book learning instead of real world learning – 53 percent

· My company needs a blend of technical skills and soft skills gained from liberal arts – 35 percent

· Entry level roles are growing more complex – 26 percent

· Not enough focus on internships/apprenticeships – 16 percent

· Technology is changing too quickly for academics to keep up – 16 percent

· Not enough students are graduating with the degrees my company needs– 10 percent
The most sought-after majors this year include:

· Business – 39 percent

· Computer and Information Sciences – 28 percent

· Engineering – 18 percent

· Math and Statistics – 14 percent

· Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences – 14 percent

· Communications Technologies – 12 percent

· Engineering Technologies – 11 percent

· Education – 7 percent

· Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies, and Humanities – 10 percent

· Science Technologies – 7 percent

· Communication and Journalism – 7 percent

Jacksonville nursing jobs increase

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Recent labor statistics show that Jacksonville nursing jobs could be increasing – a positive sign for those seeking nursing jobs.

Health care employment increased by 19,000 in April, about in line with the prior 12-month average gain of 17,000 per month. Employment in other services, which includes membership associations and personal and laundry services, rose by 15,000 over the month.

Professional and business services added 75,000 jobs in April. Employment in this industry had increased by an average of 55,000 per month over the prior 12 months.

In April, employment growth continued in temporary help services (+24,000), in management of companies and enterprises (+12,000), and in computer systems design and related services (+9,000).

In addition, retail trade employment rose by 35,000 in April. Over the past 12 months, employment in this industry has grown by 327,000. Within retail trade, job growth over the month occurred in food and beverage stores (+9,000), general merchandise stores (+8,000), motor vehicle and parts dealers (+6,000), and nonstore retailers (+4,000).

Electronics and appliance stores lost 11,000 jobs in April. Wholesale trade added 16,000 jobs over the month and has added 126,000 jobs over the year.

Employment in construction grew by 32,000, with job growth in heavy and civil engineering construction (+11,000) and residential building (+7,000).

Construction has added 189,000 jobs over the past year, with almost three-fourths of the gain occurring in the past 6 months.

Employment rose by 288,000, and the unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage point to 6.3 percent in April.

Office romance affects those with Jacksonville jobs

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Would an office fling hurt or help those who have Jacksonville jobs? According to a survey from, many think a romance would harm their career.

About 39% of respondents are opposed to office romances, saying that dating a colleague would harm their career and they would never start a romantic relationship at work. 27% of international respondents do not think an office romance would harm their career and would consider dating a colleague.

About 19% believe that while an office romance would hurt their career, they would pursue a colleague anyway if there were a mutual attraction.

Monster, the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. asked visitors to their site the question, “Do you think a dating a colleague would harm your career prospects and would you do it?” and received over 5,100 responses. International findings included:

39% of respondents answered “Yes harmful and I would never date a colleague”
19% of respondents answered “Yes harmful, but I would date a colleague anyway (especially if we were attracted to each other)”
15% of respondents answered “Not harmful, but I would never date a colleague”
27% of respondents answered “Not harmful and I would date a colleague”

More than half (52%) believe office romances are harmful and would never consider dating a colleague.

Overall, respondents from EU countries are laidback about office romances- 35% believe they’re harmless and would date a colleague, and only 24% are wary of office romances and would not consider one.