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Employers optimistic about Jacksonville construction jobs

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

As 2013 draws to a close and 2014 begins, employers say they are optimistic about Jacksonville construction jobs, among other locales and industries.

A new survey by Manpower Group shows that U.S. employers report a seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook of +13%. This represents the strongest Outlook reported in Quarter 1 since 2008 when the Outlook was +16%. At +13%, the Outlook is the same as the Quarter 4 2013 Outlook and is up from +12% during the same period last year.

According to the survey, 17 percent anticipate an increase in staff levels in their Quarter 1 2014 hiring plans, while 7 percent expect a decrease in payrolls, resulting in a Net Employment Outlook of +10%. When seasonally adjusted, the Net Employment Outlook becomes +13%. Seventy-three percent of employers expect no change in their hiring plans. The final 3 percent of employers are undecided about their hiring intentions.

Among the 50 states, employers in North Dakota indicate the strongest Net Employment Outlook at +17%. Only one state, Montana, has a negative Outlook at -2%. Employers in the majority of the 100 MSAs surveyed report positive hiring plans, with Deltona, Fla., the most positive at +24%. At the other end of the spectrum, Buffalo, N.Y., employers report the weakest Outlook at -2%.

Employers have a positive Outlook in all 13 industry sectors included in the survey: Leisure & Hospitality (+23%), Wholesale & Retail Trade (+19%), Professional & Business Services (+16%), Transportation & Utilities (+13%), Information (+13%), Nondurable Goods Manufacturing (+12%), Mining (+11%), Durable Goods Manufacturing (+10%), Financial Activities (+10%), Construction (9%), Education & Health Services (+8%), Other Services (+6%) and Government (+6%).

When the industry sector data is compared quarter-over-quarter, staff levels are expected to remain relatively stable among employers in 12 industry sectors. Only Transportation & Utilities employers anticipate a slight decrease in the hiring pace.

Employers in all four U.S. regions surveyed report positive Net Employment Outlooks. Quarter-over-quarter, plans to add workers remain consistent among employers in all regions. Compared to one year ago at this time, employers in the South project a slight increase in hiring for Quarter 1 2014, while employers in the Northeast, Midwest and West expect a relatively stable hiring environment.

Market research analyst jobs in Jacksonville on top?

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Due to exposure on a recent list, market research analyst jobs in Jacksonville may be gaining steam in 2014, according to a recent list from CareerBuilder.

CareerBuilder compiled a list of jobs that are not only growing, but pay well too. The list was based on occupations that grew 7 percent or more from 2010 to 2013, are projected to increase in 2014, and fall within a higher-wage category of $22 per hour or more.

1) Software Developers, Applications and Systems Software

· Total employment in 2013: 1,042,402 jobs

· Added 104,348 jobs from 2010-2013, up 11 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $45.06

2) Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

· Total employment in 2013: 438,095 jobs

· Added 54,979 jobs from 2010-2013, up 14 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $29.10

3) Training and Development Specialists

· Total employment in 2013: 231,898 jobs

· Added 18,042 jobs from 2010-2013, up 8 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $27.14

4) Financial Analysts

· Total employment in 2013: 257,159 jobs

· Added 17,060 jobs from 2010-2013, up 7 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $37.34

5) Physical Therapists

· Total employment in 2013: 207,132 jobs

· Added 14,011 jobs from 2010-2013, up 7 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $37.93

6) Web Developers

· Total employment in 2013: 136,921 jobs

· Added 13,364 jobs from 2010-2013, up 11 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $27.84

7) Logisticians

· Total employment in 2013: 127,892 jobs

· Added 11,897 jobs from 2010-2013, up 10 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $35.08

8) Database Administrators

· Total employment in 2013: 119,676 jobs

· Added 11,241 jobs from 2010-2013, up 10 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $37.39

9) Meeting, Convention and Event Planners

· Total employment in 2013: 87,082 jobs

· Added 10,867 jobs from 2010-2013, up 14 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $22.56

10) Interpreters and Translators

· Total employment in 2013: 69,887

· Added 8,377 jobs from 2010-2013, up 14 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $22.39

11) Petroleum Engineers

· Total employment in 2013: 40,733

· Added 7,158 jobs from 2010-2013, up 21 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $63.67

12) Information Security Analysts

· Total employment in 2013: 75,995

· Added 5,671 jobs from 2010-2013, up 8 percent

· Median hourly earnings: $41.62

Jacksonville warehouse jobs on the rise?

Friday, December 6th, 2013

With the release of the newest labor statistics for November, it appears Jacksonville warehouse jobs are climbing.

Employment in transportation and warehousing rose by 31,000 in November, with gains in couriers and messengers (+9,000), truck transportation (+8,000), warehousing andstorage (+5,000), and air transportation (+3,000).

Health care employment continued to increase over the month (+28,000). Job gains occurred in home healthcare services (+12,000) and offices of physicians (+7,000), while nursing care facilities lost jobs (-4,000). Job growth in health care has averaged 19,000 per month thus far this year, compared with an average monthly gain of 27,000 in 2012.

In November, manufacturing added 27,000 jobs. Within the industry, job gains occurred in food manufacturing (+8,000) and in motor vehicles and parts (+7,000).

In November, employment in professional and business services continued to trend up (+35,000). Over the prior 12 months, the industry added an average of 55,000 jobs per month.

Retail trade employment also continued to expand in November (+22,000). Within the industry, job growth occurred in general merchandise stores (+14,000); in sporting goods, hobby, book, and music stores (+12,000); and in automobile dealers (+7,000). Over the prior 12 months, job growth in retail trade averaged 31,000 per month.

Within leisure and hospitality, employment in food services and drinking places continued to trend up in November (+18,000). Job growth in this industry averaged 28,000 per month over the prior 12 months.

The unemployment rate declined from 7.3 percent to 7.0 percent in November, and total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 203,000.

Both the number of unemployed persons, at 10.9 million, and the unemployment rate, at 7.0 percent, declined in November. Among the unemployed, the number who reported being on temporary layoff decreased by 377,000. This largely reflects the return to work of federal employees who were furloughed in October due to the partial government shutdown.