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Company to hire for sales jobs in Jacksonville

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

One company is expanding and looking to hire for sales jobs in Jacksonville.

American Support, which delivers inbound and outbound telesales, is looking to hire 100 part-time telesales reps.

The telemarketers will work from home or in their facilities in Daytona Beach, FL, Jacksonville, FL and Milan, TN. American Support will begin hiring immediately.

While American Support has three traditional U.S. based contact centers, more than 200 of their employees work from home.

American Support looks first for personality followed by critical thinking and computer skills when evaluating candidates. The sales process and product knowledge is taught with paid training provided by American Support University.

Pay starts at $9.50 per hour with the shifts being fixed at 5pm to 9pm, EST, Monday through Friday. Job seekers interested in these part-time positions should visit the American Support job application site.

“Our telesales team success in the first quarter is leading to a tremendous amount of growth for our company,” said Matt Zemon, American Support President & CEO. “We have a proven sales process that we teach our employees who then get the experience of selling on behalf of the largest cable companies in America.”

Hospitality jobs in Jacksonville grow

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

A new survey indicates a positive outlook for hospitality jobs in Jacksonville.

According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, the Net Employment Outlook for Quarter 2 2013 is +11%, a 1 percentage point decrease from Quarter 1 2013 and slightly elevated from +10% during the same period last year.

For Quarter 2 2013, employers have a positive Outlook in all 13 industry sectors included in the survey: Leisure & Hospitality (+24%), Professional & Business Services (+18%), Wholesale & Retail Trade (+15%), Mining (+14%), Nondurable Goods Manufacturing (+14%), Transportation & Utilities (+14%), Information (+13%), Durable Goods Manufacturing (+12%), Financial Activities (+11%), Construction (+10%), Other Services (+9%), Education & Health Services (+7%) and Government (+7%). When the industry sector data is compared quarter-over-quarter, employers in the the Construction, Nondurable Goods Manufacturing, Transportation & Utilities and Leisure & Hospitality sectors anticipate a considerable hiring increase, while employers in the Mining, Durable Goods Manufacturing and Professional & Business Services sectors anticipate a moderate hiring increase. Employers in the Other Services industry sector look for the hiring pace to slightly increase.

Staff levels are expected to remain relatively stable among employers in four industry sectors: Information, Financial Activities, Education & Health Services and Government. The Wholesale & Retail Trade sector anticipates a slight decrease in the hiring pace.

Of the more than 18,000 employers surveyed, 18 percent expect to add to their workforces in Quarter 2 2013, while 5 percent expect a decrease in payrolls, resulting in a Net Employment Outlook of +13%. When seasonally adjusted, the Net Employment Outlook becomes +11%. Seventy-three percent of employers expect no change in their hiring plans. The final 4 percent of employers indicate they are undecided about their hiring intentions.

“Quarter over quarter our data reports slow and steady hiring projections, which is good news compared with the hiring downturns we experienced several years ago,” said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup president. “The main priority for employers today should be to refine management methods to build winning teams so they have the right people in place when the economy takes off again.”

“As the economic tailwinds of the housing, banking and auto industries continue to pick up, we are seeing a gradual acceleration in hiring, accompanied by fewer companies decreasing staff,” said Prising. “The considerable growth of the Construction sector is a reflection of continued progress and employers are responding to this as outside momentum gives them more confidence to push their plans forward.”