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Companies hire for retail jobs in Jacksonville

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Companies are looking to hire many for retail jobs in Jacksonville, among other locations around the country.

According to a survey conducted by job search engine, seasonal hiring is well underway.

The National Retail Federation is forecasting a healthy holiday season ahead, expecting more part-time and seasonal jobs to be created this year versus last year. To find out what kinds of jobs are available right now and where they are, we analyzed more than 80,000 jobs on Indeed that have relevant seasonal and part-time job title keywords.

So what is the most popular job?

Sales rep took the top prize. But major shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS have numerous openings for driver and material handler positions. Positions include:

1 Sales Associate
2 Merchandising Associate
3 Store Team Member
4 Customer Service Rep
5 Driver
6 Cashier
7 Clerk
8 Material Handler
9 Security Officer
10 Stocker

Cities with the most seasonal and part-time job postings
Rank City
1 New York, NY
2 Chicago, IL
3 Washington, DC
4 Los Angeles, CA
5 Boston, MA
6 Philadelphia, PA
7 Dallas,TX
8 Houston, TX
9 San Francisco, CA
10 Phoenix, AZ
11 Atlanta, GA
12 Miami, FL
13 Denver, CO
14 Pittsburgh, PA
15 Columbus, OH

Experts analyze Jacksonville jobs and compensation

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

The experts at the Bureau of Labor Statiscs have released statistics on Jacksonville jobs, US jobs and general, and the nationwide increase of compensation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that for the 3-month period ending September 2012, compensation costs for civilian workers increased 0.4 percent. That is good news for employees who have been unsatisfied with stagnant wages.

Wages and salaries (which make up about 70 percent of compensation costs) increased 0.3 percent, and benefits (which make up the remaining 30 percent of compensation) increased 0.8 percent.

The BLS broke down the numbers between the public and private sector.

Compensation costs for private industry workers increased 2.0 percent over the year. In September 2011 the increase was 2.1 percent. Wages and salaries increased 1.8 percent for the current 12-month period. The increase for the 12-month period ending September 2011 was 1.7 percent. The increase in the cost of benefits was 2.3 percent for the 12-month period ending September 2012, down from the September 2011 increase of 3.3 percent.

Meanwhile compensation costs for state and local government workers increased 1.8 percent for the 12-month period ending September 2012.

In September 2011 the increase was 1.5 percent. Since June 1982 12-month increases have ranged from 1.3 percent to 9.6 percent. Wages and salaries increased 1.1 percent for the 12-month period ending September 2012, essentially unchanged from a year earlier when the increase was 1.0 percent.