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Summer jobs in Jacksonville increase

Monday, March 26th, 2012

According to a new survey, hiring for seasonal jobs in Tampa has enjoyed increased activity.

Snagajob, the largest hourly employment network for job seekers and employers, commissioned its fifth-annual survey of more than 1,000 hourly hiring managers with responsibility for summer hiring.

Three in 10 hiring managers expect to hire the same as last year (+3 points). Similar to last year, one in 10 hiring managers expects to hire more staff. A smaller group of hiring managers (16 percent) will be hiring fewer workers (-2 points), trending in the right direction. Slightly less than half (45 percent) of hiring managers do not intend to make any hires, which is consistent with last year

Business coaches create Jacksonville jobs

Monday, March 19th, 2012

One company is touting the appeal of business coaches and they work to create Jacksonville jobs, among other locations.

A new independent survey of ActionCOACH Business Coaches has revealed that the average Business Coach creates an average of 36 jobs per year.

The latest data from an independent survey of ActionCOACH Business Coaches from the Franchise Business Review (FBR) focuses mainly on jobs created in businesses with revenues between $1 million and $25 million.

“With more than 1000 offices worldwide, the FBR findings make it fair to assume our coaches globally have created more than 36,000 new jobs in the past 12 months – which is a significant number,” ActionCOACH USA and Canada CEO Jodie Shaw said.

The survey numbers mirror studies over the last two years that show hiring an ActionCOACH Business Coach produces a return on coaching investment of $10.80 net profit for every dollar invested in coaching.

Those studies were conducted during the 2009-2011 time period when many businesses in the U.S. were either struggling, experiencing negative growth or in some cases, ceasing operations.

“These numbers confirm and validate what we’ve known in our own numbers over the past several years and what we’ve always promoted – that business coaching works. It works not only to grow profits – but also to expand teams and create more jobs,” Shaw said.

Companies to add more real estate jobs in Jacksonville

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

A new survey posits that more companies will be adding real estate jobs in Jacksonville.

The survey of real estate companies conducted by Ferguson Partners Ltd., a global executive recruitment consultancy, finds that 61% of all respondents anticipate adding to their workforce in 2012