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Suddath recruits for executive jobs in Jacksonville

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Suddath Relocation Systems of Orlando, Inc., recently said it has secured a key hire for executive jobs in Jacksonville.

The company, which is an agent of United Van Lines and provider of household goods transportation, corporate relocation, facility moving, warehousing and logistics services, hired Larry Knight as vice president of operations for central Florida.

According to his bio, Knight has 23 years of experience in distribution center management and he most recently held the position of general manager of one of the largest specialty retailers in North America.

Knight will be responsible for establishing and carrying out a strategic vision for diverse operations including all product lines of the Suddath branch offices in central Florida, including Orlando, Melbourne and The Villages.

Open season on Jacksonville jobs

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Due to the holiday season, many employers are hiring for healthcare jobs in Jacksonville, according to a local recruitment website JobNewsJacksonville.

Some of those employers include: (more…)

Employment law project discusses state of Jacksonville jobs, among others

Friday, December 9th, 2011

The National Employment Law Project, a national non-profit organization that engages in research, education, litigation support and policy advocacy on issues affecting low wage and unemployed workers, has released a report spotlighting the dire situation concerning Jacksonville jobs, among other locales in America.

Many cities are facing a drastic shortage of jobs, according to the report.

The report is also possibly referring to the state of Long Island jobs and other cities that have lost important opportunities.

America faces a near-unprecedented crisis of long-term unemployment. Of the 13.3 million officially unemployed workers last month, 43 percent–nearly six million–had been unemployed for six months or longer. Roughly one-third of the long-term unemployed have been without work for a year. Average durations of unemployment in November reached a record high of almost 41 weeks. As NELP recently reported, the rate of long-term unemployment has equaled or exceeded 40 percent for roughly the last two years, the longest stretch of such high long-term unemployment since this data was first reported in 1948. n1

A recent survey and corresponding report by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development of workers who had lost jobs during the Great Recession found that 43 percent were reemployed (either full-time or part-time) and 41 percent were unemployed and actively looking for work. Half of those remaining unemployed had been jobless for more than two years.

Continuing joblessness among the long-term unemployed was not because they were not looking for work. According to the Heldrich Center report, the unemployed participated in substantial job search activities, with three-quarters having applied for a job within the preceding month and two-thirds having searched newspapers and online job postings.

Analysis of survey results showed that “Unemployed workers who received [unemployment insurance] benefits were more likely to have been proactive in seeking work than those who did not receive UI” (emphasis in original), with benefits recipients reporting “more hours devoted to the job search and more frequently contact friends and examine job postings.”