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Jacksonville Jobs Increase

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Jacksonville jobs are on the up and up, according to new data from

According to the most recent government statistics, there are 44,992 Jacksonville jobs. Jobs in Jacksonville’s Private Sector make up the majority of employment with 32,155 jobs in the Jacksonville, NC surrounding area (Onslow County). This accounts for 71.47% of the Jacksonville jobs market. The rest of the market comprises Local Government employment totaling 6,729 jobs, which is 14.96% of the Jacksonville workforce. State Government and Federal Government make up 1,026 (2.28%) and 5,082 (11.3%) Jacksonville jobs respectively.

To get an idea of the opportunity, there are 2,869 employers in Jacksonville. The Private Sector includes 2,792 firms, which make up 97.32% of companies hiring in Jacksonville. In other sectors, 19Local Government employers (0.66%), 24State Government employers (0.84%), and 34Federal Government employers (1.19%) hire workers in the Jacksonville vicinity.

The average weekly wage in Jacksonville, NC is $517, which translates to $26,884 annually. Private Sector wages are $445 per week or roughly $23,140 per year, on average. Local Government wages are $665 per week or $34,580 per year. State Government wages are $566 per week or $29,432 per year. Federal Government wages are $788 per week or $40,976 per year.

Of the Jacksonville, NC jobs available in the Private Sector, 27,739 (61.65%) are in the Service Providing industry and 4,416 (9.82%) are in the Goods Producing industry. As far as establishments are concerned, 2,302Jacksonville employers (5.12%) do business in the Service Providing industry and 490 (1.09%) operate in the Goods Producing industry.

The top Service Providing industry jobs in Jacksonville include Trade, Transportation, and Utilities; Leisure and Hospitality; and Professional and Business Services careers. Expect Goods Producing industry jobs in Jacksonville to include Construction and Manufacturing.

Zeroing in on specific industries, Jacksonville jobs in the Trade, Transportation, and Utilities industry include 8,473 positions (18.83%); 680 employers (1.51%) and average weekly wages of $459 ($23,868 annualized salary). Leisure and Hospitality careers in Jacksonville, NC include 6,633 jobs (14.74%); 330 employers (0.73%); and average weekly salaries of $228 per week or $11,856 per year. Professional and Business Services jobs include 5,308Jacksonville employees (11.8%); 359 employers (0.8%); and weekly average salaries of $493 or $25,636 per year. For those seeking Construction jobs in Jacksonville, expect to see 3,205 positions (7.12%) from 418 employers (0.93%) and average salaries of $566 per week or $29,432 per year. In addition, Jacksonville, NCManufacturing occupations include 915 jobs (2.03%) in 36 companies (0.08%) with average salaries of $599 per week or $31,148 per year.

Road Extension to Create Construction Jobs in Jacksonville

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Western Boulevard will become NV 53, a project that will create much-needed construction jobs in Jacksonville.
The extension means will mean quicker road repairs on one of the busiest streets in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville City Council held a meeting this week to approve the extension of NC 53 to become part of the Jacksonville bypass.

But Western Boulevard will remain the name for the road, so as not to create confusion. It is called LeJeune Boulevad within the city limits.

According to, N.C. 53, which stretches a winding 118 miles from Fayetteville to U.S. 258 in southwest Jacksonville, is best known locally as Burgaw Highway because it runs through the Pender County seat.

Additional road signs will be added, but otherwise no cosmetic or physical changes will be made to the road.

More than 45,000 cars cruise down Western Boulevard each day.

The intersection at Western and Marine boulevards is the busiest in southeastern North Carolina. A total of six miles of Western Boulevard will be affected.

Reclassifying Western from state road 1470 to N.C. 53 will not cost the city anything.

Personal Income Surges, Great for Jobs in Jacksonville

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Personal income has shot up 14%, which bodes well for people searching for jobs in Jacksonville.

In addition, The Columbus metro area has the second-highest per capita income in Georgia, trailing only Savannah, according to data released Monday by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The financial statistics show Columbus with per capita income of $37,011 in 2009, down only slightly from $37,063 the year before.

That ranked the city No. 126 out of 366 metro areas in the U.S.

Savannah, meanwhile, had per capita income of $38,190, ranking it No. 99 in the nation.

And even though Columbus did have a flat year, it still was enough to overcome a nearly 5 percent drop by Atlanta, the state’s largest metro area and its so-called economic engine. Per capita income there was $36,482.

It’s a reversal of fortune for Columbus, which just a few years ago languished near the bottom of such statistical rankings.

“We used to be down scraping the bottom, and it’s really changed,” said Becca Hardin, vice president of economic development with the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

“You look around and see some of the growth and some of the companies and it really speaks for itself,” she said. “Some good things like this would have to happen with the level of jobs that we’re seeing.”

Hardin threw out the names of Pratt & Whitney, PCI, NCR, Aflac and TSYS as companies that pay well and are relatively stable. Fort Benning’s expansion, which kicks into a higher gear next year, is another factor, she said.

All of those have helped to replace lost textile jobs, which were once good paying and a major component of the city’s economy.

“As the textile business went offshore, the leadership in this area decided that we had to be a growing town. If not, we’re going to be a dying town,” Hardin said.

With new and expanding companies, the growth in per capita income is materializing. The data released Monday showed Columbus actually experienced a sharp jump in 2008, when it posted a 4.8 percent increase from $35,377 the year before.

“Per capita income” is the average income of individual wage earners in a particular area.

But even in the “personal income” category, which combines the total earnings of an area, Columbus fared well. It racked up $10.8 billion last year, an increase of 1.8 percent from the year before. The 2008 number was up 4.9 percent from 2007, again with Columbus just behind Savannah and its 5.1 percent gain.

All but three of Georgia’s metro areas — Augusta, Valdosta and Warner Robins — saw their per capita incomes decline last year.

In Alabama, all of the metro areas were either down or flat. The Auburn-Opelika area’s per capita income dipped 1.8 percent to $27,259. The sharpest drop was Birmingham-Hoover, which fell 3.6 percent to $38,468.

Nationally, personal income growth ranged from a 14 percent surge in Jacksonville, N.C., to a 7.1 percent drop in Naples, Fla.

Ironside Creates Jobs in Jacksonville

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Local foundation repair contractor company, Ironside Foundation Services opened its doors in its North Carolina location and will be creating jobs in Jacksonville.

In the process it created 5 immediate jobs and more local jobs will be created on top of this.

In addition, Ironside Foundation Repair Services has been selected to join the Foundation Supportworks, Inc. (FSI) network. Foundation Supportworks provides unique foundation repair products, trainings, and shared experiences and knowledge of more than 60 major foundation repair contractor companies. Their dealerships are located in the US and Canada, and each dealership has access to the collective wealth of foundation information, data, and latest technology.

Foundation Supportworks dealers are selected from only well-established companies that maintain an excellent reputation within their local community. FSI dealers also agree to provide free foundation inspections and written quotes to homeowners at no obligation.

As authorized and certified FSI dealers, Ironside Foundation Repair Services has exclusive access to a battery of trainings, foundation repair products, and literature. The central headquarters, which is located in Omaha, NE, maintains a staff of geotechnical and structural engineers who specialize in product design, dealer support, and quality assurance of all provided foundation products.

Ironside Foundation Repair Services will be providing the FSI line of foundation push piers, helical piers, helical piles, wall anchors, and crawl space jacks, as well as several foundation repair products for new construction and commercial applications.

Their foundation repair service area stretches across southern North Carolina, includingJacksonville, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Lumberton, Oak Island, Newport and surrounding areas. Contact Ironside to receive a free foundation repair estimate in your area.