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Medicare Rules Could Cut Healthcare Jobs in Jacksonville

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

A slew of new Medicare rules about competitive bidding could be detrimental to healthcare jobs in Jacksonville and in the state of North Carolina.

The rules may cause durable medical equipment suppliers in North Carolina to close their doors permanently, members of a trade group said.

If the new rules are implemented, many companies will be forced out of the industry. In addition, and Medicare patients could find themselves having to get products like wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators or hospital beds from providers located out of their city or state.

Typically, the medical equipment suppliers work with Medicare enrollees to get reimbursed by the federal government at preestablished rates.

Medicare wants to set up a new system that forces a bidding war between the suppliers. Medicare tried to implement such rules before, but the legislation was shut down. It would have cost 600 jobs and 64 companies would have shut down.

When the first 100 regions nationwide implement the competitive bidding program as it is proposed, more than 80,000 people will lose their jobs.

Magna Int’l to Add Jobs in Jacksonville

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

A division of Canadian autoparts maker Magna has been offered tax incentives by North Carolina to spur on the creation of jobs in Jacksonville.

State officials agreed to the incentives as long as the company agrees to pay average wages at least $30,000 and above plus healthcare and benefits.

Magna has three plants around North Carolina. They employ about 360 workers at all of their plants.

The wage is below the local average in Rowan County. All three counties that Magna is in have unemployment rates higher than the national average, so job creation is imperative. Officials have been offering tax breaks and incentives to many other companies to encourage the creation of new opportunities for unemployed.

The company is a division of Magna International, which operates 240 manufacturing plants in 25 countries.

According to an article from the AP, the jobs are nothing to sneer at for people who need them, said Robert Van Geons, executive director of RowanWorks, the county’s economic development agency. The county has lost about 5,000 jobs since 2006, and last fall county officials approved a $160,000 grant paid out over five years to tempt Magna into their expansion, Van Geons said.

“At $30,000 an average job, I think that’s something many, many, many people would be happy to have,” he said. “That’s a very competitive wage, and they’re not going to have any problem finding hundreds and hundreds of applications for that.”

Bank to Create Finance Jobs in Jacksonville

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Bank of North Carolina plans on expanding over the next few years and eventually creating finance jobs in Jacksonville. For more information, click here.

The bank is currently opening a branch in Raleigh.

Bank of North Carolina, based in Davidson County, hopes to open its first Raleigh branch by mid-September. It will be at 4525 Falls of Neuse Road, said Reid Marks, president of the bank’s northern regional market. The decision was driven by the hiring of three veteran Raleigh bank executives led by Mark Carlton, previously of First Third Bank, Marks said.

The $1.6 billion community lender (Nasdaq: BNCN) currently operates 17 offices in North Carolina, most of them in the Piedmont Triad and seven in South Carolina, acquired in an FDIC-assisted acquisition of the Myrtle Beach Bank.

The Raleigh office, BNC